Class of 2020 grapples with delayed graduation celebrations

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 4:39 PM CDT
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For the class of 2020, graduation comes at a trying time, and for some, this mirrors around the time they were born, including one Stillman Valley senior born on September 11.

"It feels like it kind of came out of nowhere. I understand it's hard, like the school really has no idea how to handle this. And honestly, neither do we," said Alysa Morrison.

For Stillman Valley senior Paige Broski, her final semester took a turn she never saw coming.

"I never expected that when I went to school that day that it was going to be like my last day of high school ever like, it's crazy. Graduation is something that all of us have worked like 12 years for,” said Broski.

At the beginning of the term, Paige and Alysa Morrison were the top two students in their class. Walking across the stage that same way is something they wish could be reality.

"Honestly, I am kind of upset because at first they made it seem like this wasn't that big of a thing to worry about. And that we would probably be back for me so at least we get, like, two extra weeks of school where we actually get to see everyone and kind of get closure in that way," said Morrison.

"There's no way I could picture that like being like, first grade teacher like oh hey your senior year you know it's not going to go the way you thought," said Kalyn Brown.

Although it's not what she planned, Paige says she's trying to find the positive.

"If I could get through this like I can get through other like hard times in life and just to like persevere through like the difficult times because I know like it'll just make me stronger in the end," said Broski.

All three students are working on finishing their final semester through e-learning and are hopeful for a future graduation celebration in the coming months.

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