Rockford Stormwater Team begins flood damage assessments

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ----- "Hi, I'm with the City of Rockford Storm Water Team. We're just doing damage assessments. Do you have any water damage inside your property today?"

Over the course of two days, the City of Rockford StormWater Team went to zones impacted by record flood levels.

"We're walking the perimeter to see if there's any damage. We're checking water lines to see how high the water got up on the structures," said Brad Holcomb, StormWater Manager. "If we can see inside, we'll look at damage inside if it's available through the utilities and things like that."

Rockford Fire Division Chief Matt Knott says this is not only standard procedure but a needed measure.

"This is something we do after every disaster. The idea with this is we're looking at a couple of things. One thing is, the most important, just to make sure that the residents are okay. But, then we're also looking, to see if they have any needs, specifically," said Rockford Fire Division Chief Matt Knott.

"So, we'll just take a few pictures, report this information back to FEMA and once we gather all our information, they'll see if they'll declare this a disaster area and possibly get some federal funding."

For Anthony Ciaccio, whose basement was destroyed from the flood waters, he says these visits let him know the city cares.

"They asked if we needed some help and whatever they could do to help us out, and they've been really good about that. But, you just have to take it one day at a time," said Ciaccio.