City of Beloit Police to equip school resource officers with body cameras

BELOIT, Wis (WIFR) -- The School District of Beloit Board of Education got a chance to hear how police-worn body cameras will be used within the halls of its school buildings during a special meeting Tuesday night.

Police Chief Dave Zibolski said school resource officers will be included alongside patrol officers who will be receiving body cameras in early February.

School board members discussed concerns over who has the rights to the video that is recorded within the district's buildings. Police say the video would be treated as if the incident occurred off school grounds, regardless whether juveniles were involved. Questions were also raised regarding when the cameras would be recording footage.

Chief Zibolski explained that the cameras are linked to officer's stun guns, pistols, and patrol car lights, with each activating the camera during certain behaviors. Zibolski says the cameras will not be constantly recording, and that several departments who currently use similar body camera systems only record about three hours worth of footage from an eight-hour shift on average.

Students recently had the opportunity to provide feedback regarding body cameras in schools. Chief Zibolski said overall the feedback from students was positive.

No action was taken at the meeting as it was for informational purposes only.