Christian Life event explains scholarship program

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Parents from all different backgrounds met today at Christian Life to learn more about a program that could get their kids into private school.

"We're a low-income family so we really can't afford to send kids to private school. It's very exciting because I always wanted my kids to go to private school," said Xira Hardt, a parent at the meeting.

Christian Life held its first of three events to help inform parents about the Invest In Kids tax act program, which provides students a scholarship to private schools.

"I think that this new program is great, I think that families should definitely get on it. This is a way where maybe there wouldn't have been a way prior," said Isabella Rodriguez, a parent at the meeting.

School officials say a program like this is a win-win situation for private schools and for the families of the students who receive the scholarship.

"It's an incredible program that is going to allow families in our state and in our community to have potentially up to 100% free tuition at private schools next year, including Christian Life," said Michael Hoekstra, Secondary School Principal at Christian Life Schools.

The cost of tuition is one of the biggest factors most parents don't send their kids to private schools but parents say a program like this changes all of that.

"It's a game changer because it makes quality education affordable for families that may not have seen it as an option," said Rachel Freeman, a parent at the meeting.

Freeman says she's looked into private schools before but the tuition just wasn't something her family could afford. She says a the moment, she's keeping her fingers crossed.

"The scholarship program would really mean a lot to our family to be able to afford that," added Freeman.