Selecting the perfect Christmas Tree

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- With the warm weather remaining in the forecast for the rest of the weekend many area tree farms will be quite busy as we head out in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Before we channel our inner Clark Griswold there are a few helpful tips to consider from the University of Illinois Extension.

You'll notice several varieties of trees available for purchase and each tree has its own unique set of features and benefits.

Consider the location of the tree and its appearance. Will it be against a wall or in a window? This will determine if you'll need to pay more attention to all sides of the tree.

Do you have quite the ornament collection to display? If so consider a spruce variety. Known for stiffer branches, this variety will be able to handle the weight of many ornaments. Just keep in mind though that spruce trees tend to dry out quickly, so you'll really need to stay on top of your watering game with this variety.

Fraser and Balsam fir trees will be the go-to variety if you are looking for that nice, strong aroma of pine. They are among the most popular Christmas tree varieties. They also tend to drop fewer needles.

Before you place your new tree in it's stand make sure and perform a new fresh cut (1-inch) to the base of the tree so it can absorb water more easily. Keep the water level in the stand well above the bottom of the tree to prevent it from drying out, and check that water frequently!