Chipotle offers workers paid sick leave, but you likely won’t get away with faking it

(CNN) - At Chipotle, you can’t fool anyone with a fake sick day.

Chipotle believes the strategy will help maintain a health workforce. (Source CNN)

Business Insider reports CEO Brian Niccol said during a Wednesday conference that the popular restaurant chain has nurses who can check on employees who call in sick to see if they are genuinely ill and not just hungover.

Niccol told "Today" the policy is to make sure all employees are healthy enough to prepare food and not to check on their drinking habits.

If the nurse determined the employee is actually sick, Chipotle will pay for the day off.

The commitment to a clean eating environment comes years after a norovirus outbreak got more than 140 people sick after they ate at a Boston Chipotle. Another outbreak forced a Virginia Chipotle to close temporarily in 2017.

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