Cheap Trick Day celebrated throughout Illinois

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 6:38 PM CDT
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There's been little to joke about as we enter a new month but one thing is that April Fools Day goes by another name in Illinois, Cheap Trick Day.

14 years ago, state senator Dave Syverson spearheaded a campaign to make April 1 "Cheap Trick Day" throughout the entire state as a day to celebrate the Rockford ban who have entertained millions worldwide over the last four decades.

Our own Mike Garrigan has a chance to talk to Rick Nielsen over FaceTime this week, who tells us how April 1 became the day to celebrate Rockford's most famous band.

Rick Nielsen says, "'They said Rick, what do you think would be a good day for Cheap Trick Day. I said well I don't know Halloween trick or treat or my birthday. It's like nobody knows that and Halloween already has that. So I said what about April Fools Day? People will say either that's a joke or it's real. So it's like how about April 1st it's the perfect day for it."