Chairperson power talks continue in Winnebago County

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) --- The proposal doesn't move forward but the debate rages on when it comes to a power struggle involving the Winnebago County Board.

First introduced during a special meeting of the Personnel and Policies Committee earlier this month, the Board is now reviewing sections of the County Code of Ordinances, which addresses the power the chairperson has over the county administrator.

Along with the ordinance, board members were asked to provide examples of other counties that have already adopted this method, namely Lake, Peoria and McHenry counties. Board member Jim Webster says this move is pivotal in securing the future of the board.

"It's all about good government, cleaning up the government, and operating in a manner like so many other counties do. Now, when something comes to the administrator's office, the administrator is forced to take it to the chairman first, before the chairman will give the okay on releasing some information, no matter what it is really and this way, the administrator takes charge of that and can come directly to us," said board member Jim Webster (R-2nd District).

The vote was laid over for two weeks for a first reading before discussion at the next meeting, scheduled for January 24.