Celebrating diversity at Rockford International Fest

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ----- Organizers of the first Rockford International Fest say it was a long time coming. They want to bring all the diverse communities in the area together to learn about cultures.

The festival was held on South Main Street in Rockford and hosted in part by an organization called Swift, which aims to help the city's southwest community.

Food vendors served a wide variety of delicious treats, while dancers dressed in cultural costumes performed on stage. There were also informational booths set up so people could learn about other ethnicities.

"What happens is we end up educating each other. And what's coming from the other people’s culture, we learn a lot from that, and then when you learn a lot, you understand the other person better and you get along with them because you understand where they're coming from," said Rudy Valdez.

Now that the South Main property is available, they are planning to have an international fest there next year once a month starting in May through October.