Celebrating International Women's Day

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ---- "Do what you want to do and be strong. Achieve your goals."

Photo courtesy: MGN

For millions around the world, International Women's Day celebrates female achievement, through social, economic, cultural and political growth while also taking a call to action in fighting for gender equality.
"You do matter, you are worthy, you are important and you know, nobody has the power to make you feel lesser than but you," said Rockford University student Cassandra Sturtevant.

Here at home, one profession with a small but mighty female voice does its part: firefighting. With less than 30 on the force, these women are proud to represent what it means to have girl power.

"There's so much opportunity in life, you know. If you want to go to college and be a doctor, you just do it. If you want to go to school and learn how to become a firefighter or get your degree in fire science, just do it," said firefighter Natalie Adasiewicz.

For Natalie, while her job might be taxing, if one little girl is inspired by what she does, it's all worth it.

"Little girls, when they grow up, if they think they're going to want to try something, do it. Military, go for it. The only thing that can come out of situations, whether you fail or whether you succeed is future success," said Adasiewicz.