Cat in Oregon tests positive for Rabies

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OGLE COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Ogle County Health Department is warning the public after a cat in Oregon tests positive for Rabies.

The Health Department says one person was exposed to the disease and they are being treated. The source of the infection in the cat is not known at this time. Health officials say once infected, Rabies is a virus that has a 100% fatality rate if left untreated.

The Ogle County Health Department recommends the following precautions to protect yourself from possible exposure to Rabies:

- Report any wildlife acting sick or strangely to local animal control
- Vaccinate pets-Illinois law requires rabies vaccinations for all dogs. Rabies vaccinations are available for other types of pets-consult your veterinarian for details
- Do not feed stray animals
- Do not approach any unknown domestic or wild animal, particularly if it is acting sick or strangely
- Report animal bites to animal control-Instruct children to tell an adult right away if bitten or scratched by any animal
- Discourage wildlife and stray animals by tightly covering garbage cans and avoiding storage of food outside
- Do not allow your pets to roam about freely-Keep them under supervision at all times

The Health Department says most rabies exposures in the U.S. are caused by bats, as they can carry the virus without being infected and may not appear to be acting abnormally. If you believe you've been bitten by a bat, you're advised to call your local health department.

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