Candidates for Winnebago County Sheriff talk budget at a meet and greet

Published: Oct. 16, 2018 at 10:12 PM CDT
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The battle for Winnebago County Sheriff is on and Tuesday night there was a forum that allowed both candidates to share their thoughts.

The biggest issue within the Winnebago County Sheriff's race surrounds the budget where both incumbent Gary Caruana and challenger Bob Springer have very different ideas on how to deal with the budget deficit.

"You can't spend money that you don't have. That is the same in our families and our lives and as an elected official you can't spend money you weren't authorized to, that's the main thing,” said Springer.

"I am on the field, I am calling the plays and I have to be very careful when I call those plays because there is definitely a connection between a spreadsheet that says do this and the service that you provide. They have to be married and we have to do this strategically and slowly. We have to watch the budget, and still have to provide services,” said Caruana.

Caruana says people have described him as being defiant, but he feels that he has been practical in his discussion making.

"I could easily have cut, but then we would be in a jam because we wouldn't be able to provide those services in the whole scope of the sheriff’s department," said Caruana.

Springer and Caruana might not agree on how to balance the budget, but they both agreed, talking at forums is the best way to reach out to voters.

"It really helps. A lot of the messaging we as candidates do is not only talk about ourselves but we talk to groups about their responsibilities you know to educate themselves on the issue sans take a look at each candidate and follow through and make a decision to vote," said Springer.

Early voting began at the end of September and will continue until general election day on November 6th.

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