Byron School board and staff remain at standstill

Byron Board of Education and the Byron Education Association has been under contract negotiations for over a year.

Byron teachers are pushing for a soft-freeze, where they will focus on maintaining the language in their negotiations.

Byron staff are asking for anywhere between a 1 and 2-year contract, while the School Board is asking for a 3-year contract. The School Board believes it wouldn't make sense for a shorter contract because they would then have to begin contract negotiations again in a year if

"The biggest concern that we have is that they're trying to push an undefined work day for us, so we would come into the school, and basically from 7:30-3:20, they own us in a way. We don't know about prep periods, and we don't know where we're supposed to be and other things where they can take us out of the classroom more often than not," says Byron Education Association president, Adam Gura.

Gura and fellow staff are also concerned about the School Board's proposed contract making it difficult for staff to file grievances against the school board.

Board of Education President, Doug Floski, tells us the Board of Education has done all they can do. "We have moved - we have. The board and the district has moved a lot. We've moved 820,000 in new money over a three year period. I think we're at a point where the Union needs to make some significant movement."

The negotiation team from both the Board of Education and the Byron Education Association met Wednesday evening to negotiate their contracts. No changes were made, and no conclusion was made.