Bygone Brands Opens a New Store

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A local business moves to a bigger and better location after their popularity goes international.

"Bygone Brands" was created as a way to commemorate Rockford's rich history. It's grown now to include six cities and so many t-shirts they had to move out of the basement they've been working from and open a storefront at the Fairview Shopping Center.

Keith Watson, President and Co-founder of Bygone Brands, says that not only Rockfordians are buying their t-shirts but so are people from other countries.

"We've sold some to Canada. A guy in Germany just found us online and loved our shirts, no tie to Rockford at all. We sent him over a bunch and he sends us pictures from him touring around Germany in his different retro Rockford t-shirts. It's a lot of fun", said Watson.

Despite their new home and popularity, Bygone Brands says they won't be raising their prices.

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