Businesses feeling affects of heavy rain

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- One local business is feeling the effects of all this rain.

West Rock Wake Park owners say they've seen a decline in sales this summer because of the rain and the amount of time they have had to close due to flooding.

They say they believe they need to spread the word that they can open as early as April and can stay open as early as November.

"It's about, I think, changing the mindset about how we use what we have here in Rockford. I think I probably speak for other businesses like Zip Rockford and Rocktown Adventures and more - that, as a community, we've got really neat stuff that doesn't just have to happen when kids are out of school," West Rock Wake Park owner, Don Jarrett.

Jarrett says their closure due to the flooding has helped speed the process of renovations. Those include lake expansion and improving water quality.

They hope those renovations will be finished around the third week of August.