Rockford experts recommend budgeting for the holidays

Published: Nov. 20, 2018 at 7:00 PM CST
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Spreading the holiday cheer sometimes means spending a little over our means. We all want to get the perfect gifts to the people that mean the most to us. Planning ahead of time can help with budgeting and not overspending.

Experts suggest creating a list and using cash as much as possible to keep track of your money.

"Research shows that you use more credit than debit and more debit than cash, using cash will help you track how much you're spending since you can physically see it," says Lupe Martinez, Bank Service Representative at Rockford Bank and Trust, .

For those that prefer online shopping, sticking to that budget is crucial.

"Take into account it's going to cost more for shipping....for instance if you wait until the 22nd or the 23rd of December you might have to do that priority shipping which might cost you more," says Ryan Monette, Financial Advisor at Savant Capital Management.

It's all about taking the time to plan in order to make the most of your money. There are local programs that help you save money throughout the year.

At Rockford Bank and Trust you can sign up for the Christmas Club. All you need is five dollars to set it up, you accumulate money and get a check the last week of October for the holidays.