Brian Stewart takes Senate seat and Andrew Chesney becomes State Representative

FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) - Brian Stewart, former State Representative for the 89th District, will now represent the 45th District as a part of the Senate. Filling his shoes will be Andrew Chesney who is now the State Representative for the 89th District.

Stewart and Chesney have been working together over the past 14 months to continue supporting Northwest Illinois. Chesney wants to work towards lowering taxes and lowering fees while using a bipartisan approach. Stewart wants to continue building the economy in Freeport by working with the local businesses.

“It's not if you have an R and D behind your name. We just want if it's good for our area. We are going to support it and make Freeport the best place it can be,” said Chesney.

“I’m honored to represent the folks of Northwest Illinois. I’m looking forward to representing them in the Senate. We have the best people in this state and I think that will continue,” said Stewart.