Boylan High School holds open house for prospective students

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Today, students interested in attending Boylan High School were able to learn about what it means to "Be Boylan."

School representatives say they mostly target 7th and 8th graders from over 27 schools.

They also invited students who are interested in transferring. Representatives say there are a lot of things to learn about the school that many people don't realize.

Visitors were able to take guided tours and listen to speakers throughout the campus.

"They'll get to see all of our classrooms, the science labs, the band room, our library, they'll hear from our administrators and faculty about what we have to offer, but then you'll see behind me they'll get to hear about the athletic clubs and coaches. It's a good experience," said Boylan Enrollment Director Emily Schubert.

Representatives say there are a lot of opportunities for financial aid if anyone is hesitant because of the cost.