Body Attack Mini offers intense 30-minute workout

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – It can be a challenge trying to find time throughout our busy days to get in a workout, but luckily, many gyms now offer shortened version of their group fitness classes for those of us with a limited amount of time.

Body Attack Mini is a condensed version of the hour long class jam packed into 30 minutes. We still get in all the components of this high energy class like the cardio mixed with body weight exercises. It’s just kicked up a notch so that we are getting the same intense workout in a shorter period of time making it hard to come up with an excuse not to hit the gym.

“You’re going to get your workout in 30 minutes. You’re going to feel like you actually did something, and it’s something that all fitness levels can do because we do make sure that we show the high and the low options. So, everybody can go in there and feel they’ve accomplished something,” says Group Fitness Instructor, Renee Dums.