Blowout season tips to keep tires properly inflated

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- When the temperature goes up, the tire air pressure does too and sometimes it can lead to a blowout.

"One to two pound increase in pressure for every 10 degrees difference in the air," says Andrew Scharlow with Tire Depot.

But checking your tire air pressure regularly is key.

"Definitely only check your tire pressure when they're cold, if you check a tire while it's hot it will be way higher than it should be as it cools off," says Sharlow.

One way to check the temperature of your tires is by using a thermal imager.

"It shows you when the tires cooled off completely, it can also show you a difference in just temperature from one side of the car to the other," says Sharlow.

Sharlow recommends to park under the shade to keep your tires cool.