Bitter cold creates dangerous conditions for pets

CHERRY VALLEY, Ill. (WIFR) -- As the temperatures continue to drop, humans aren't the only ones experiencing the chill. Cats, dogs and other animals can face serious dangers if they are left outside for too long.

Local vets say it takes just a couple of minutes before pets can get frostbite when the temperatures are below zero. Some animals' paws can freeze from the snow.

Vets advise pet owners to watch your animals when they're outside and make sure they are brought in when they start showing signs of being cold like shivering or limping.

"If you have an animal thaht is used to being outside, what I would suggest is that you provide some sort of warm area that they can go to.", said Dr. Alicia Guarino-Hrebik, a veterinarian at CherryVale Animal Clinic.

Vets also check under cars before turning it on. They say cants and other animals will crawl under cars for warmth.