Bill hoping to develop PTSD training for officers makes progress

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- 10-78 - that's the code police officers use to indicate "Officer needs assistance". The Greg Lindmark Foundation pin has that code on their ribbon to indicate a much deeper need for assistance; a need that's often overlooked.

Police work on the front lines of some of the most intense scenes, but we often forget officers are only human.

While first responders try their best to be handle these situations, many officers end up taking their work home with them, often in the form of post-traumatic stress.

State Representative John Cabello has introduced House Bill 1895 to the House Rules Committee on March 4, 2017. The bill hopes to require PTSD training for all police officers.

“We wanted to get something downstate to get the officers and first responders in training right away, so they’re prepared for what they see in their careers,” says Greg Lindmark’s brother, Brad Lindmark, who founded the Greg Lindmark Foundation in honor of his brother, who took his life in 2015.

Since being introduced, the bill, which Cabello calls bipartisan, has made significant progress.

Cabello is an officer himself and understands the stress of the job. He says the main goal of that training would be to save lives.

"Some of the things that you see are what will be with you for the rest of your life - some pretty horrible things - things that no human being should ever see,” says Rep. John Cabello (R) 68th District.

The plan is for it not to cost taxpayers any extra money because the PTSD training would just be an added component to the training that’s already in place.

Cabello hopes the bill will be voted on by the House as soon as the end of the month. It will then move on to the Senate for a vote.