Beloit passes ordinance to ban vaping devices from minors

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BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) -- A new Beloit ordinance prohibits minors from purchasing and owning devices for vaping and e-cigarettes.

Courtesy: MGN

Beloit City Council passed the ordinance after locals and leaders of the Youth2Youth asked members to review local legislation and address health risks associated with the devices.

"We’re hoping this ordinance change will lead to proactive prevention so the city does not have to take enforcement action against those selling these devices to minors or to minors in possession of these devices,” said City Manager Lori Curtis Luther.

The ordinance bans minors from using vaping and e-cigarette devices in the same areas where cigarette and cigar smoking is also banned. The ban includes places of employment, public places, schools, health care facilities and other places.

Minors caught violating the ordinance will pay $50 plus court costs for the first violation and $100 plus court costs for following offenses.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has confirmed 32 cases of lung disease connected to vaping.