Beloit military mom ships four tons of products to troops in holiday care packages

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BELOIT, Wisc. (WIFR) -- Linn Krafjack is on a mission. The Beloit military mom is packing boxes, about 200 to be exact, to send to troops overseas.

"It's amazing how blessed we are, this year especially," says Krafjack.

Her project, which she affectionately calls "Operation Ooh-Rah," started nine years ago because of a toothbrush and a letter from her son.

"A young man in his unit had dropped his toothbrush in the sand and it took almost three months to get a government issued brush to that young man and I said, 'That's unacceptable.' From that point on, I started to do care boxes," she says.

Now Krafjack and her family are sending about 8,000 pounds worth of items to soldiers this Christmas.

"Shampoo, and body powder and toothbrushes and deodorant, shave cream and razors... In the winter time we send hand warmers and foot warmers, there's always Chap stick and sunscreen."

Krafjack admits things aren't always easy. She says she's had donations stolen from her, twice and some years, she's had to pack boxes in her driveway, but says nothing will stop her from focusing on the troops and making sure they have a happy holiday."

"They're missing their people as much as we're missing them when they're gone from us so it's really important for us to keep them in our heart and in our mind all the time," says Krafjack.

She says the hard part is organizing all the donations, but once that's done, it takes about a week to put the care boxes together.

Anyone who's interested in donating can ask for the Operation Ooh-Rah account at any Associated Bank, reach out to the Operation Ooh-Rah Facebook page or send a check or money order to their headquarters at 1138 11th St. Beloit, WI 53511.