Beloit man sentenced to 5-years for murder of his friend during drug deal

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BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) – A man is sentenced to 5-years in prison related to the murder of his friend that resulted from his involvement in a drug deal.

19-year old Joldany Rodriguez, 16-year old Savion Latimer, and two other 16-year olds attempted a drug deal on December 23rd, 2016. They planned to buy 24 grams of marijuana from 18-year old Zachary Moen in the Krueger Haskell municipal parking lot for $300. Rodriguez attempted to steal the drugs and this resulted in Latimer and Moen firing rounds at each other, resulting in the death of Latimer and to Moen’s jaw being shattered.
Rodriguez was sentenced to 5-years in prison with 10-years of supervised release.