Beloit College responds to COVID-19 strains, tuition and course schedule changes

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 3:27 PM CDT
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Students are home for the remainder of the school year, and college courses are online. Beloit College announced plans to help students academically and financially moving forward.

"It's this combination of innovation and care that we thought right now in particular was needed," says Beloit College Provost and Dean Eric Boynton. "The Beloit action plan is a demonstration of an institution that's thinking about your student."

Beloit College now has a five step plan as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic strains. One of the major initiatives is a Midwest Flagship Match tuition program for incoming students in the fall.

"Beloit College will match the costs of any flagship school in Wisconsin and the five adjoining states," explains Boynton. That will include freshman from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. Those students will pay what ever the cost would be for the most prominent university in their home states.

For example, Illinois residents would pay an estimated $37,000 to attend the University of Illinois in Champaign. Under the flagship match students would pay that price opposed to Beloit's $50,000.

For current students, Boynton says the College will not increase tuition prices for next year. Students will pay the same price paid this academic year. He says that's a rarity.

"There have been [tuition] increases nationwide for the last 25 years," he explains.

Another step to the five point plan is transitioning the next school year to "mods" where students will take two courses at a time in seven and a half weeks before switching to the next module.

"It's a way of maximizing flexibility in the schedules," Boynton tells 23 News. "So if COVID [-19] does still rage in this nation we're able to have a hinge point in the middle of the semester."

Other plans include an advanced mentoring program and career channels.

"[We are] working diligently with our families to ensure everyone can come back to Beloit to continue their studies."