Beloit College baseball team makes sure no students eat alone

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 5:17 PM CST
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No student should eat lunch alone. One Beloit elementary school created a program to make sure that never happens.

In 2015, Jacque DeGeorge, a teacher at Hackett Elementary School, took over the Lunch Buddy program. She asked her husband and Beloit College head baseball coach Dave DeGeorge to enlist his team to participate.

Five athletes took part on the program during its first year. But once the rest of the team saw the impact it made, it became an integral part of baseball program.

More than 25 players participated this year. Their goal is to help students build confidence, and make sure that they're never alone.

"The more you come here, the more comfortable they get with you, and the more conversations they engage in," says Terrence Cribbs, Beloit College baseball player. "The first couple weeks are always kind of awkward, they don't know who you are and they really don't want to talk to you. But as the time goes on, they get more invested in you and they get excited to see you everytime you come here."