Beloit College to cut salaries, layoff staff over budget woes

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BELOIT, Wisc. (WIFR) -- Beloit College plans to layoff staff and cut salaries next year as the school struggles to balance its budget.

In a statement, the college says it will cut at least 30 administrative staff positions during the 2019-20 school year, but did not specify which jobs would be lost. This comes as the school's budget slides from $48M to $43M.

Beloit College says staff earning more than $45,000 annually will see salary decreases.

Those earning less than $45,000 are exempt from the pay cuts -- but could still face the layoffs.

The college says the total size of faculty is decreasing because there are fewer students enrolled. The school is structured to support around 1,300 students while enrollment is at about 1,150.

In a statement, Beloit College says the change "reflects difficult—and sometimes painful—choices that will affect members of the Beloit College community."

The school says a report with initial recommendations will be presented in a few weeks.