Archery for Autism at Settlers Park

ROCKTON Ill. (WIFR) -- Archery can be used as way to help those with Autism fit in with others and one fundraiser inspired by a local girl's love for the sport.

Julie’s Archers for Autism tournament and fundraiser donates a majority of its funds to the University of Wisconsin Waisman center Autism research department, place where Rockton native Julie Oster has participated in three different studies.

To raise donations Hononegah Archery is hosting an archery tournament. It costs 35 dollars for each player and there will be prizes for the winners at the end. Before the tournament began Jeremy Oster, father of Julie helped disabled kids and adults learn how to play archery. Each person got to shoot at a target. Oster the president and founder of Hononegah Archery says this sport can help kids with disabilities in so many ways.

"One of the things I have learned about working with kids with disabilities is that it might take those 100 times to learn something that would take us a few times to learn. But once they get it they seem to retain it better and they seem to not get distracted and they do it the same way and that’s why I think Julies gotten better,” said Oster.

He hopes that soon archery will be a sport that played at all schools and primarily in the Northern Illinois area so his daughter can join a team.

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