April Off to a Mild Start, Even Warmer Temperatures to Follow

What a difference the sun makes! Wednesday's sunshine alone was enough to send temperatures all the way up to 57° on April's opening day, a far cry from the dismal 42° high temperature a day before. Warm weather enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Wednesday's 57° will likely be the coolest temperature we see in the coming week. In fact, current projections suggest that six of the next seven days are to feature temperatures in the 60s, with at least one day of 70s also in the cards.

Though the pattern is likely to be a mild one in April's opening week, it's also set to be a rather active stretch as well. Several chances for rainfall are on tap in the days ahead, though, the first coming as early as Thursday Night. Despite the pattern looking increasingly wet over the next several days, there's little, if any evidence pointing toward any all-day washouts during that stretch. In fact, the only daytime hours that may be impacted over the next four days would be the morning hours of Saturday. Otherwise, there are to be plenty of opportunities to enjoy time outdoors.

Broadly speaking, April's our second fastest warming month of the year, with normal high temperatures rising from 55° on the first of the month to 67° by month's end. So, it should come as no surprise to see more frequent 60s and even 70s in the days and weeks ahead. The main driver behind the rapid warming cycle this time of year is the rapidly lengthening amount of daylight we see to go along with the increasingly strong sunlight we receive. Between now and the end of the month, we'll gain an hour and 17 minutes of daylight. On April 30, we'll have 14 hours and two minutes of daylight to enjoy.

So, how does the month appear likely to play out as a whole? Right now, indications suggest it's to be a mild one. Though cool stretches are certainly to happen, the milder periods are likely to outnumber the chilly ones. From a precipitation standpoint, the area can expect near to slightly above normal precipitation in the coming month. Farmers will be paying particularly close attention to developments on this front, hoping area soils will dry some allowing planting to begin on schedule, unlike last year when extremely damp conditions severely postponed planting.

While we've established that April's leaning toward being a milder month, we can't shut the door on snow entirely just yet. Look no further than last year to serve as reminder that Mother Nature can still have a few tricks up her sleeve! April, 2019 saw a whopping 6.6" of snowfall, with 3.7" of it coming on the 27th of the month! It's not at all uncommon to see snow in April. In fact, a typical April still sees about one inch of snowfall.