April 2018: Second coldest on record for Rockford

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- You don't need Captain Obvious to tell you April was an extremely cold month for Rockford. It was also very dry, too!

Our friends at the National Weather Service in Chicago have compiled the data and last month ended up being the second coldest April on record for Rockford. Impressive! Records began back in 1906.

Our average temperature ended up being a chilly nine degrees below the average temperature for April, which comes as no surprise as we spent nearly 11 days with high temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees, which also set a brand new record for the region.

In terms of precipitation, we really didn't see much in terms of rainfall. Snowfall, however, was a different story. We saw seven days with measurable snowfall, a new record beating the previous four days back in 1980. The lack of liquid precipitation made it the sixth driest on record as we picked up only just a little over an inch of liquid precipitation (including melted snow).

What can we blame for all of April's misery? Greenland! Well, the high-pressure system that sat over it anyway. That caused a massive dip in the jet-stream that plunged bitterly cold air masses into the Midwest. To make things even more frigid, a substantial snowpack located over parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin helped make that air mass even colder!

Thankfully we have broken the cold streak so far in the month of May and temperatures have made a dramatic recovery. There are no signs that the warmth will be ending anytime soon.

A weather phenomenon known as the Greenland Block remained in place for much of the month sending some extremely cold shots of air into the Midwest along with several opportunities for snowfall.