A compromise deal might prevent another government shutdown

Rockford, Ill (WIFR)--- With the clock ticking, President Donald Trump has until midnight Friday to sign a spending bill that will keep the government open.

President Donald Trump announces he has endorsed a deal to reopen the US government for three weeks, Photo Date: 1/25/2019 / Photo: The White House / (MGN)

A spending bill is currently being drafted to avoid another partial government shutdown. The bill is being seen as a compromise that will include funding for border security.

The spending bill's main components include $1.375 billion dollars for fencing and physical barriers. The democrats are also pushing for a reduction in the funding of detention beds.

Reducing the amount of beds will reduce the amount of undocumented immigrants being held at detention centers.

Rockford University political science professor, Bob Evans, says it's likely the bill will be passed and signed by the President.

"The proper schedule would be for the House to vote on it today, because the Senate can't vote on it until the House votes on it. Then the Senate would vote on it tomorrow, that's Thursday. Then it would go to the president...if the house doesn't vote on it today that increases the likelihood of another shutdown," says Evans.