Another Round of Storms Possible Overnight

The Stateline's already been on the receiving end of a few rounds of showers and storms this Monday, and one more round could be ticketed for our area before the sun comes up Tuesday.

While things have turned quieter this evening in the wake of a cluster of afternoon showers and storms, we'll need to keep our eyes focused to the west. It's over Iowa where more storm development is hinted by computer forecast models to develop in the coming hours.

High-resolution forecast models have been rather consistent in bringing this activity into the Stateline shortly after midnight, with the 1:00 to 4:00 AM time-frame appearing to be the most likely scenario.

There are a few components of good news, the first being that the storms are likely to be in a weakening mode upon their arrival here, and thus our severe weather risk remains quite low. It wouldn't come as a total shock if one or two of these storms produced a brief wind gust, but overall I do not anticipate there being much of a severe threat. The other piece of good news is that the storms should be rather fast movers, and are likely to be well out of our area by the time Tuesday morning's commute rolls around.

Most, if not all our our Tuesday's shaping up to be dry. Tuesday's bigger weather story will be the return of heat and humidity. It's likely that temperatures Tuesday will reach the highest levels seen here since August 5!