Anchor Harvey supports Freeport restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 5:56 PM CDT
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One local company makes it a priority to shop local and support small restaurants in the Freeport area.

“It's just heartwarming knowing that another business cares about the community," said Deb Donselman, Beltline Cafe owner.

Beltline Cafe is one of three Freeport businesses Anchor Harvey, a Freeport aluminum forge company, chooses to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

"They've ordered lunch twice a week ever since this started and they also purchase gift cards for their employees to help out," Donselman said.

Donselman says without Anchor Harvey's assistance she doesn't know if her business would still be open.

"We've lost a lot of catering jobs through all of this, we had a wedding that was canceled and I got calls today for parties in June that are canceling now," Donselman said.

"Beltlines Cafe caters for 24 hours three shifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and safety events. So they take care of us and now we are taking care of them," said Tom Lefaivre, Anchor Harvey president.

Lefaivre says this initiative is his way of thanking all the businesses that serve his staff.

"If it wasn't for them we might have had to close our doors," said Jaime Shain, Garden Deli owner.

Garden Deli is another small business Anchor Harvey chose to support. Shain says almost every staff member at Anchor Harvey has eaten at his restaurant.

"A lot of them have never been here before. Now they know we are here and they have come a couple of times since then. I think it helps out a lot," Shain said.

"If you have a couple of dollars to spend please go to the restaurants and give them your support," Lefaivre said.

Each week on its Facebook page, Anchor Harvey spotlights one local business it wants the community to support.