Amboy Fire Department receives advanced training from Rockford hospital

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AMBOY, Ill (WIFR) -- In an emergency, every second matters. The Amboy Fire Department no longer has to wait several minutes to bring advanced life support care to a patient thanks to new training with Mercyhealth.

The Amboy Fire Department now has 14 paramedics and firefighters ready to respond to situations that require advanced care, especially when a patient is in cardiac arrest. The training allows the department to staff more paramedics at the station during the day not only saving time and money but saving lives as well.

The department has had its own ambulance service for decades but was limited in terms of what services could be performed. When advanced life support services were required, a third party ambulance service had to be called which delayed time of care and increased costs. With the new training, several new life-saving services can now be offered that will cut down on response time and even save the department money.

"The ALS Upgrade program allows for faster and more efficient critical resources to help the patients that the Amboy Fire Department serves. This partnership will save lives", says Dr. John Pakiela, the Associate EMS Director for Mercyhealth.

Mercyhealth has partnered with over 100 agencies in 15 counties across Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, distributing the training to several agencies including police, fire, and EMS.