Aldeen unveils plans for new indoor pavilion

Rockford, Ill. (WIFR) Norris Aldeen had a dream of providing a championship-quality golf course in his hometown of Rockford, and now the next part of his vision is coming to light. Aldeen Golf Course is soon to see one major new addition to its grounds to bring in more events and golf outings.

Sponsored by Rockford Bank & Trust, the Rockford Park District announced their plans for an indoor facility at Aldeen Golf Course. Rockford is already a major golfing destination in the Midwest, but now this multi-million dollar pavilion expands the options for golfers.

"It's something we've been really lacking, a lot of our competitors have good banquet facilities, and it'll allow us to round out the experience," said Duncan Geddes, Director of Golf Operations for the Rockford Park District. "It won't be so weather dependent which is the big thing, we can use it for golf playdays, which will help us attract new ones and retain the ones we have. Plus we'll also be able to host other events, wedding receptions, golf banquets, anniversary parties, things like that."

Projecting 20-plus golfing events, but also other non-golf events, like wedding and special events for even more people in the community to enjoy the space.

"One of the things that Margaret and Norris Aldeen really wanted was Aldeen to be was more than just a golf course," Geddes said. "They wanted it to be something for the community, so even if you're not a golfer, you can come out and enjoy it."

"With our food and beverage at Graystone Grill, we've had that, but now we have another way to do that, as well."

"We're looking to certainly add golf playdays and larger tournaments," Geddes continued."We've had four state amateur championships here over the years, and next year we have our 5th with the Women's Summer State Am for the 2nd time, so it will help us attract events big and small."