Alcohol deaths climbing among women, Women's Recovery Center to open in Dixon

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 6:56 PM CST
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Alcohol-related deaths increase across the U.S. with women making up the fastest rising category with an 85% jump.

"What I am looking forward to is being able to provide that access to care in an unutilized area," said Stephanie Englund, Sinnissippi Centers.

Sinnissippi Centers recently announced plans to open a women's recovery center.

"We wanted to make sure the men's recovery home became established with a program and from that success it opened up the opportunity for the women's recovery home to go into effect," Englund said.

The new facility is expected to house up to 15 women and children.

"If a woman has a child, to have that child with her and have really individualized care and have her space for interventions to help her to be a really good mom," Englund said.

That will be paired with intensive psychological and medical treatments.

"So there are a lot of groups throughout the day, individual therapy sessions and then after they finish orientation and level one, we will start looking at other life area skills that they might be looking to address," Englund said.

The Rockford Rescue Mission also offers a women's live-in program to combat alcoholism and substance abuse.

"We help them identify the beliefs that are driving their addictive behaviors," said Greg Cooney, Rockford Rescue Mission.

Cooney says nearly 50% of women who come to the rescue mission deal with alcoholism.

"People don't tend to see how destructive alcohol can be and it is very destructive when you interact with people who essentially have had their lives destroyed by alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse,"

The new facility will be located in Lee County and is expected to open in May of this year.

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