Addressing child welfare issues within the Rockford community

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Rockford, Ill (WIFR) -- In Illinois, Twice as many African American babies die compared to the number of White babies that die during the first three years of life. But the Winnebago County Permanency Action Team is fighting those statistics in an effort to improve the lives of stateline children.

The action team's focus is on helping children of color overcome barriers and improve their future outcomes by addressing the number of infant deaths in the state of Illinois and in Winnebago County. In 2014, Illinois ranked 36th out of 50 states in infant mortality, and a majority of cases in which the child died could have been prevented.

Members of the action team sat down today to discuss different ways to reach out and build partnerships with community organizations to increase awareness around this growing issue within the community.

The team meets the second Tuesday of every month on the third floor of the Winnebago County Crusader Clinic at 1200 W. State Street in Rockford, and they encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about their mission to attend those meetings.

To learn more about permanency in child welfare and how community members or organizations can get involved, you can visit the team’s website