Active weekend continues with snow showers at times Sunday

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The consistent light rain will end late Saturday evening, followed by a break overnight. The back-end of this system will get into the region on Sunday with isolated showers that will mix with snow at times.

This will begin in the morning and continue through the early afternoon hours. There will also be dry times, as this will be very scattered. As the afternoon progresses, I'm thinking the chances for more pure snow showers go up. This will come as the winds will shift out of the northwest and gust between 25-30 MPH.

This will continue through the early evening hours, and could potentially give some brief higher rates and reduced visibility levels. Be careful if you will be out driving, as the higher winds and cooling temperatures could also create slick spots in addition to potentially reduced visibilities.

There will be very little, if any accumulation from these snow showers.If anything, the accumulation would mainly be on grassy surfaces upwards of 0.5-0.75 inches, nearly a trace. On the roads, there could be small slushy spots as well.

This year also had been an exceptionally cloudy one too. Over 87% of our days so far this year have either been cloudy or partly cloudy (36.5% and 51.1% respectively). That leaves a small 12.4% of days so far this year that have been considered clear. By the end of the year, 74.5% of all days have between partly cloudy and cloudy skies. So we are by far ahead of the game.

All of the graphics are at the bottom of this article with the timing of the rain and snow showers tomorrow. The good news is that following Sunday, we look to quiet down big time and remain seasonable for the majority of the first week of December!