Accused cop killer's sister says Brown is not a 'monster'

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The sister of Floyd E. Brown, the Springfield man accused of slaying Deputy Jake Keltner last week, tells reporters her brother is "not the monster he's made out to be."

After the initial hearing, Christina Brown called the prospect of her brother facing the death penalty "crazy."

She says her brother was married in the past and that he loves his family and is always joking around.

Christina says Floyd has six children.

She spoke shortly after her 39-year-old brother Floyd rolled into federal court in a wheelchair for a 3 p.m. hearing with his leg wrapped in a cast and wearing a vest.

Wearing a vest, Brown told the judge during the hearing that he is on fentanyl but is able to stand trial.

The judge asked Brown to repeat himself after quietly acknowledging his understanding of the charges.

The Springfield resident is charged with first degree murder for the shooting death of Keltner Thursday while attempting to serve a warrant at the Extended Stay Hotel on North Bell School Road.

Brown allegedly jumped out of a third story window and took off in a vehicle on a police chase. The chase led to an hours-long standoff on I-55 near Lincoln in central Illinois.

Brown eventually surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody at the Logan County Jail.

If convicted on the charges, he could face either the death penalty or life in prison. His next federal court hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. March 20.

Brown will be separately charged for murder in Winnebago County Court.

He is considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

Meanwhile, visitation services for Keltner are scheduled for Tuesday afternoon followed by a funeral Wednesday.