A customer goes the extra mile to surprise a store employee for Christmas

Published: Dec. 25, 2019 at 9:55 PM CST
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One special store employee has made a lasting impact on her customers and just in time for the holidays they're showing her their appreciation.

Diane is a store employee where many of her customers come in just to see her and recently these customers treated Diane to a Christmas surprise she won't ever forget.

Jessica is a regular customer at this store and decided to make a social media post about Diane’s Christmas surprise.

"A group of us went in together to pitch in because Diane makes everybody feel so loved and so special every customer that comes to her store and we just wanted to take a little bit of money and a little bit of time and make her feel the same way she make us feel,” Jessica Garcia, said.

And 23 News caught the surprise on camera, when Diane got off from work and was greeted by those who love and appreciate her

For the Garcia family, seeing her reaction was well worth it and for Diane well it's certainly a Christmas gift she'll remember forever.

"It comes from the bottom of our hearts and it really just blesses our soul to see the impact on someone’s life and take that for what it is but it really means a lot to people when you give from the bottom of your heart,” said Jesse Garcia, Jessica’s husband.

“Oh my god I don't know how to say how thankful and how grateful and how blessed I am to have customers who really like me. This is the best Christmas ever, I've never had a Christmas like this,” Diane Schuldt said.