Winnebago County chairperson Frank Haney asked to resign again

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) --- Winnebago County board member, Fred Wescott , has previously vocalized his disapproval for chairperson Frank Haney. Now, a car accident involving Haney and a county car is the limit for Wescott.

"This is a serious issue, I believe this is going to cost the county a $100,000 if not more because two vehicles were ruined," says Wescott.

Allegedly at around 2 PM on June 8, Haney was driving down 1st Avenue when he hit another car after running a red light while driving a county vehicle.

"County vehicles are provided by taxpayer dollars, it's always regretful when someone has an accident, there's no question but that's why we have car insurance," says board member Jean Crosby.

The accident has left Wescott asking a question he has already asked before, the chairperson's resignation. Wescott says he's asking Haney to resign during the next county board meeting on Thursday.