Rockford group provides training for possible casino jobs

Published: Oct. 1, 2019 at 5:10 PM CDT
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People are eager to work for a Rockford casino. Some have even started asking Hard Rock for applications.

"We are excited and looking forward to working with them,” said Lisa Bly, The Workforce Connection.

Rockford's mayor recommended Hard Rock International's casino proposal on Monday. Multiple people are already looking to apply for potential jobs.

"The great thing about Hard Rock is that they really make a consorted effort to make sure that the positive economic impact of the casino is spread throughout the community,” said Ian Linnabary, Hard Rock Attorney.

But before the hiring can start, the casino proposal needs to be approved by Rockford’s City Council and the Illinois Gaming Board.

"We expect it will be somewhere in the six to eight months’ time frame before we receive notice from the gaming board,” said Linnabary.

City staff is working closely with The Workforce Connection to make sure people are receiving proper training.

"Pre-apprenticeship programs are what they're called where the individual are training on the application process and they are trained on refining their skills as it relates to mathematics and measurements and different things of that nature,” Bly said.

The Workforce Connection members are also working with city staff as they look for transportation options.

"When you think about something operating 24 hours you want to certainly make sure that we have transportation options for people to move in and out,” Bly said.

"We’ll be looking at providing opportunities to every corner of the community and making sure that transportation is never a hurdle for anyone working at the hard rock casino,” Linnabary said.

The Workforce Connection is in the works of starting a pre-apprenticeship to train people to become dealers. To find a list of all available programs