93-year-old WWII veteran gets back in the saddle by riding his favorite horse

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WARREN, Ill. (WIFR) -- It's not too often you see a 93-year-old man riding a horse, but for one Stateline veteran, he's proving age is just a number and it's no task getting back in the saddle.

World War II Army vet Bill Hills has been riding horses his entire life. Years ago he saved a dangerous, rowdy horse named Chance from being killed. With training and the help from a friend, Chance is now the perfect riding buddy. Hills says he doesn't get the opportunity to ride Chance like he used to, but he's been training hard and after nearly 2 years he saddled up once again.

"I go in and exercise two times a week I'm going to get on that horse yet. So I've been on and off that exercise table I said I've got to get these legs stretched out a little bit so I can get on that horse,” said Hills.

Hills thinks riding horses all these years could be the key to his long life. He says he's going to continue riding for as long as he can.