Winnebago County moves closer to new records management system

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WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WIFR) -- The City of Rockford and surrounding municipalities are one step closer to implementing a more efficient system for 911 calls and records management.

For about a year, every municipality in Winnebago County has been working on a more efficient way to handle 911 calls.

"We've worked closely with Sheriff Caruana and Carla Paschal working through this to get everything together - get the numbers together," said Loves Park Mayor Greg Jury.

Up until now, there has not been a formal method for determining how much each municipality pays for the service.

"Nothing's final yet, but it could be based on number of officers - could be based on number of calls - but there is some concrete procedure on what it's gonna be based on, to where all the communities are paying their fair share," said Jury.

For example, Loves Park pays around $135,000 for that service. The new agreement could raise that amount to around $175,000.

"We knew it was gonna go up. We're happy with how this group has worked closely with the sheriff."

"It's a fair financial contribution that recognized the burden that each municipality brings to the system," said Machesney Park Village Administrator Tim Savage.

Another form of integration in the works is purchasing a records management system that will allow all police departments to access records from each other.

"It's basically a sharing of police records. The county used to do it, and Rockford has done a great job of picking that up," said Jury.

Once everyone works out the kinks, city and village leaders believe citizens will see a quicker and more efficient process for getting things done.

"They're gonna be integrated together, and it's gonna provide a lot more safety, and that's the underlying goal," said Jury.

Loves Park City Council will be meeting again next week to hopefully come to a conclusion on the 911 agreement. After that point, each city council will have a say on their specific portion of the agreement.