No additional cases of COVID-19 in Winnebago County, focus on staying home

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ----- The Winnebago County Health Department confirms no new cases of COVID-19 in the region and rededicated its focus on encouraging people to stay home.

In its daily press briefing, WCHD confirmed the 8 current cases in the region, with 305, or 59 percent of tests still pending official diagnosis. 202 people have tested negative for the virus.

The region has 892 potential hospital beds, with 164 ICU beds at its disposal, including 72 available ventilators.

As of March 26, 519 hospital beds are currently filled, along with 93 ICU beds.

Pressing the importance of staying home, WCHD Public Administrator Dr. Sandra Martell, along with Winnebago County Chairperson Frank Haney and Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara highlighted the resources that will be needed in six months if state mandates are not followed.

Those with the WCHD say that if 60 percent of people are sick with COVID-19 because the public did not follow through with staying home, the county would expect to need 1,844 hospital beds.

However, if 20 percent of people become infected, due to following the state mandate, the county would need 615 hospital beds.

All three stressed the need to stay home, stay safe and stay connected, which they said will help reduce the overall numbers of COVID-19 infection and the need for beds.