Local food trucks on the rise in the area

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Meals on wheels.

There are 30 food trucks registered in Winnebago County.

That number is expected to rise.

But not just anyone can call their vehicle a business.

"Most food trucks are required to have a separate commercial licensed kitchen," says Environmental Health Inspector Kim Hobbs.

Prior to opening, kitchens must meet health codes. Owners can then acquire permits from the city and health department.

"We would like the public to know every food truck that operates in Winnebago County is inspected," says Hobbs.

Events like City Market and Food Truck Tuesday and Thursday keep this trend rolling in the Rockford area.

“Knowing that I can go out to the other sides of town or get into festivals and things of that nature, it gives me that extra exposure,” says 15th & Chris owner James Purifoy.

15th & Chris is one of the many food trucks in the Rock River Valley, but owner James Purifoy is not worried about the stiff competition.

"You don't have to support me. Support others. Either way you are supporting somebody. You are making the city stronger," says Purifoy.

He is inspiring others to do the same.

“When I get the opportunity, I’m going to try some of the different [food trucks] because they are popping up consistently around town,” says food truck customer David Mapes.

For more information on Food Truck Regulations, click here.