Extreme Temperature Drop Expected in the Stateline by the Weekend

October's often a month of extremes, and it's not uncommon to see large temperature fluctuations in a very short amount of time. That's happening later this week, and it happened last year right around the same time!

Temperatures Wednesday surged into the 70s for a second straight day, and for the fourth time in October. While another 70° is nearly certain to occur Thursday, major changes loom as a powerhouse cold front barrels through the area Friday.

The colder air has already spilled into the United States, dropping temperatures in some spots to the 20s, and wind chills in the single digits! In Denver, temperatures were cut in half from 80° to 40° in a matter of five hours! That cold front's ticketed for the Stateline, there's just no stopping it.

Temperatures are to top out at 73° Thursday Afternoon here, and will only drop into the low 60s Thursday Night. As a result, many folks will be tempted to leave for work or school Friday Morning without a jacket. That would be a giant mistake.

We'll reach the middle 60s in the morning to midday hours of our Friday, but as the front plows through, temperatures will plummet rapidly in the afternoon. By the time the school and work day is done, temperatures will have fallen into the 40s, and chills are to be in the 30s. As skies clear Friday Night, temperatures will fall even more quickly, eventually falling into the lower to middle 30s, with chills in the 20s.

It'll ultimately be a 40° temperature drop between Thursday Afternoon's 73° forecast high and Saturday Morning's 33° forecast low temperature. While that's a gigantic temperature drop, it's not as extreme as the 45° drop we saw almost exactly a year ago. Temperatures swung from 84° on October 9, 2018 to 39° the morning of October 11.