Carlson Elementary students host special project on city development

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Students at Carlson Elementary got right to work since the second week of school. Collectively, they brainstormed ideas on what to build over the lot left after the demolition of the Clock Tower.

Ideas ranged from homes for the homeless, an animal hospital and ultimately an indoor waterpark hotel. This project was all part of a unit that focused on community and citizenship.

"Whenever you can take a real world situation and connect it to a learning standard, it cements the learning into them to provide an experience they are not going to forget" says third grade teacher Tara Hammer.

The students received a special visit from Mayor Ton McNamara that spoke to them about decision making. McNamara was impressed with how inclusive the plans of the students are.

"These young people are already thinking that regardless of color, regardless of race, regardless of religion, we in the city of Rockford need to be a welcoming place," says McNamara.