3D technology speeds up Mercyhealth project

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Technology that we rely on daily, such as GPS, is now being used in the construction of Mercyhealth's new Riverside campus.

Mortenson Construction is using the technology to save time and enhance communication between the various contractors involved in the project ranging from HVAC to fire suppression. The technology even includes 3D mapping and virtual reality.

3D project models of the facility are stored in the Cloud and then sent to several tablets in the field, putting real-time actionable information into the hands of construction crews doing all the work. Crews can view detailed information about the project, right down to individual pipes, and can even narrow down views to their exact project. This new level of information sharing saves time and eliminates the need for rework for all contractors and crews while keeping the project safe and on track to meet the building schedule.

One Rockford company, Absolute Fire Protection, is using this technology for the first time in this project. John Danis, President of Absolute Fire Protection, says he's been able to triple his crew's productivity thanks to this new technology.

At the peak of construction, there were 600 craft workers on site daily, with 3,000 who have worked on the project so far, making coordination critical.

Using this new technology will also benefit Mercyhealth well into the future as the drawings and models will be used by the maintenance staff once the building is complete. The data will also make any future expansion of the facility easier.